About the Book

A note from Phil (April 2012)...

Living for Game Day is not a sports book, although I have played the game at a fairly high level and often reference the lessons I learned from the coaches I met. This book is intended to teach people Life Skills that provide them with the tools to meet life’s toughest unexpected challenges in a way that increases their odds for success. I don’t mind admitting that I often listened to my gut and stretched the boundaries of conventional medicine to overcome two bone marrow transplants. Long bike rides, well thought out supplement plans, extensive hydration and having surgery awake are just a few of the tools I brought to my Get Well Plan. 

Whether your crisis is personal, financial, professional, emotional or physical, I always believed that the path well traveled is supported by statistics that lead to failure. When you add new skills and aggressive programs that complement traditional plans, you’re now on the path less traveled and likely to succeed.